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Letter Chasing vs Athlete Focus Model

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Why I don't chase letters to put after my name...

by Nikki Jarrett

It does not matter whether you are an All-Star pro, a weekend Joe, or anywhere between that spectrum. I adhere to an athlete focus model that allows me to help people get back to full function, reach their goals, and more importantly, I help you become the whole you.

My obligation is to provide you a way to become stronger, healthier and more confident.

Our industry races to see how many letters we, trainer and coaches, can obtain after our name. This is ego driven, and our reputation should be secondary to our obligation to providing the best way our clients can reach full health status. The point of degrees and certifications are to further our knowledge and to be able to APPLY that knowledge to better serve our athletes. Unfortunately, in most cases, letter chasing is more self serving than athlete focused.

I take pride in believing an athlete focus model is the best way. Yes, I have a degree and certifications but my main focus is YOU. I stay in communication with you about every step you want to take in the process. I go as fast or as slow as you want. If you are not ready, then I wait until you are ready, understanding that people will be ready for the next step on their own time. If you force to start before you are, we risk not only losing you but losing all progress gained during that time.

We/I cannot do this alone. Having a network of trusted professionals in the area increase the chance of success for you. A wonderful wellness team of Massage Therapist, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Counselors, and many more, is priceless. This team of wellness professionals allows me to help you and build the best program for you. We play part in the big picture of your health and wellness. It’s still an important part, just like the every one on the wellness team, including YOU.

More can be accomplished by working as a team and keeping you in the drive seat.


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