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  • Book Review: From Bad To Badass Leader - 12 Leadership Lessons by Michelle D. Reines

    By Nikki Jarrett First of all, WHOA! I HIGHLY recommend this book to literally anyone who is in a management position, part of a team of professionals, a boss, CEO, or you work with other people in general. You don’t even have to be in a management position to read this book! Why?? Because this book also helped me to see I was in a toxic work environment with a boss and not a leader. There is a HUGE difference between a boss and a leader. And this book highlights those differences. Also, a big part of why I love this book so much is Michelle’s direct approach. She does not sugar coat anything. Which resonates with me because I have the same attitude - tell it to me straight and I tell it like it is. #noBS Now, the lessons are not exactly black and white, do this, do that, don't do this or don't do that. She gives you a story of the lesson taken from her own experience and you have to do the critical thinking, which helps you actually learn the lesson and apply it. The fun part about the book is there are actual worksheets with deep thought provoking questions. No one likes to dig deep and get to the dirty part of their flaws. But with these questions, you dig deep, but only if you really want to get the most out of the lessons and grow yourself as a leader! (HINT HINT: highly suggest you do!!) I cannot say enough about this book! I will be rereading this book every year too! But I’ll let you get super curious about it so you can read it! I found Michelle Reines through the Podcast Master of Fitness Business, if you want to check out their conversation click the link below: You can follow Jim Adams in instagram too! IG: @mifb_podcast But you can check her out (which you should because she awesome and I wish we could be friends in real life): IG: @badassleader12 This book will get 5/5 Stars from me:

  • Book Review: Atomic Habits by James Clear

    By Nikki Jarret If you haven't heard of this book by now, I would be surprised. I am not the type of person who likes to follow trends or jump on the hype of things. This is a good example of just that. I was seeing and hearing of this “amazing book” and would get “you just have to read it” from everyone who has read it, with those crazy eyes! So, I gave in a month ago, bought the book, and now feel somewhat disappointed. Now, by no means does this disappointment come because it was a ‘bad’ book. It just wasn’t for me. I do think it’s ok to read a book and go ‘meh’ when everyone else is going ‘this is the greatest.’ As a trainer I deal with habits daily. Either my own or my clients. None of the information in Atomic Habits was groundbreaking or changed my life. There are some points I did enjoy his take on, e.i. building systems to meet our habits. For myself, I have subconsciously done this and see things in the light or if,then statements. If I want X goal, then I will have to do Y. In my experience, working with countless different people I can assure you, this is not always the case, and most people don’t actually have “systems'' built for their goals. That's where I come in as their trainer and help them either build the system one step at a time or help change the goal to be successful! I do recommend this book to those people who need help building good habits to meet their goals and to break the habits that are holding them back from those goals. And I can tell you, it’s hard to break habits. It is a very conscious effort to start, and can feel impossible to change. But, I do know that it is possible when you have someone guiding you and helping you build the system that works for you. If you feel so inclined to read the book you can find it on amazon: I give this book a 4 star rating. Even though I personally didn't like it as much as I thought and was disappointed, I can see who this book really is for and how it can have a great impact on them. Let me know your thoughts on the book!

  • Book Review: Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers by Robert M. Sapolsky

    By Nikki Jarrett Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers by Robert M. Sapolsky About the Author: “Robert M. Sapolsky is a professor of biology and neurology at STanford University and a research associate with the Institute of Primate Research, National Museum of Kenya. He is the author of A Primate’s Memoir and The Trouble with Testosterone, which was a Los Angeles Times Book Prize finalist. A regular contributor to Discover and The Sciences and a recipient of a MacArthur Foundation “genius” grant, he lives in San Francisco.” Why I Recommend this Book: If you are struggling to sleep, lose weight, or going on a supplement gold digging quest to find a solution to your health issue, then read this book. I talk about stress management ALL. THE. TIME. with clients and how important it is to manage their stress levels to reach performance goals and/or their weight loss goals. It’s easy to say but difficult to actually do and maintain because, as we all know, stress is constant. This gives you a deep dive as to what ‘stress’ is in this day in age, bc it’s no longer the fight-or-flight for survival. Stress can be caused by a simple thought in our mind, *cough cough ‘overthinkers’ couch cough,** and can literally cause a chain reaction in our body. He also dives into how the fight-or-flight response mode is different in women! Game changer for sure! Even though it starts out “sciency,” Sapolsky makes it easy to follow and understand the complexity of your system. I enjoyed learning the history on how we got here with science and how a rivalry between 2 scientists led to a great discovery about our hormones and the connection to the brain. This will be a book I’ll reread too, because of how much information is in it, you certainly can’t absorb it all in one read. Take your time reading it, and see how you can apply this knowledge to how you coach your clients. You certainly can recommend it to your clients to read it also. It might be beneficial for them to do the research for themselves! Why I Don’t Recommend this Book: This book took me some time to finish because it was quite a lot to read and absorb too. With a book that is based in science, I tend to take my time to really understand it. I look up things that are related because it brings up more questions! There are about 100 pages in the book that is just a “Note” section, which caused a deep dive into google! LOL I enjoy learning history about science but you can get sucked into a wormhole (fair warning, if you’re anything like me). Some may find this a bit much to read, but if you give yourself time and patience you can do it. Read 10 pages at a time and before you know you’ll have it read. As Always: I always want to be honest in these book reviews, but understand this is only my opinion and can differ from yours. I would love to hear your feedback on this book. Comment on it and we can chat! Star Rating: 3.5 Good info Lead to more learning A lot to absorb and understand Great guidance and simplification of the science. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to stay up to date with my reviews! Follow me on Instagram, Twitter @nik_a_lina and Facebook @NJTrainingsystems

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  • Nikki Jarrett | Online Training

    WHO IS ONLINE TRAINING FOR... Busy Moms that are juggling work and kids Busy Dads juggling work and kids too! The Professional with a busy schedule You have your own space/gym and have a conflicting schedule You are not local but want to work with me You train on your own time, no battling with conflicting schedules. Your programming is always with you, wherever your job or life may take you. HERE'S WHAT TO EXPECT WITH ONLINE TRAINING: ​ >> FREE 30 Minute Initial Consultation to discuss Goal-Setting and Health History to Strategize Your Success Plan ​ >>Personal Programming Designing for YOU and YOUR GOALS >>Weekly Check-ins via Email for Questions and Concerns or Adjust Programming >> Nutritional Guidance for Better Results I want to schedule my FREE 30 Mintue Consultation!

  • Nikki Jarrett | Fitness Blog | Online Coaching | Personal Training | About

    From Ballerina to Powerlifter - My Journey to a Stronger Me By looking at me, you would probably never guess that I originally planned to Major in Dance at the University of Akron, Ballet specifically. Crazy, I know! Fun Fact: Akron is one of the leading colleges for Dance and has the largest studio spaces for a university. I may have been a little naive at the young age of 18, but dance was and still is a passion of mine. Dance has lead me to my confident self. I was a very shy child and dance became a safe place for me to express myself. I have danced for over 25 years(now, I feel old…and so must my mother, if she’s reading this!) Being a Dance Major is no easy feat, yes academia is challenging but the dance world is just as challenging. It will test you, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. I took on that challenge for 4 years. There were days that I loved going to class and days that my body refused to show up. Over the courses of dance classes, when our professors deemed us “good enough” to advance to the next level it was like winning at life. Finally, I can move on, all the blood, sweat, and tears (literally) paid off. This processes eventually took a toll on me. Years 3 and 4, were the most challenging of all. I was told multiple times “if you would just lose some weight” or “if you only looked a bit more…” and it always ended with “then we could move you to the next level.” It was never an issue with my talent but with my waist line. Cue the eating disorder. This can’t be anymore cliche but I spiraled into an eating disorder, Exercise Anorexia to be exact. Basically, I ate some food (about 1000 calories daily) and would exercise the calories off before then end of each day. Guess what? It worked great! My college dance career was taking off! My professors loved me and would praise me daily. But, I was not happy, I felt like poop, and my relationship with food was dangerous. I knew well enough that what I was doing was unhealthy. It was either going to control me or I had to change something and fast. I decided that my dance career was over. This was the hardest decision I have ever made (so far) in my life. I had to admit I had an eating disorder, I was not as healthy as I made EVERYONE believe, and that I basically failed and gave up on my dream. I was a FAILURE. From the end of year 4 to year 6 in college, I struggled to figure out my next step, what I wanted to do and who I was without dance. I had to focus on my academic classes, relearn my relationship with food, and I began to actually exercise to be stronger and not thinner. The cardio queen threw off her crown! Now, don’t get me wrong, I have been introduced to the weight room a couple of time in my life prior to this point but I would literally CRY because 8lbs biceps curls were too HEAVY. I wish I was joking. But this time it was different, I wanted it for myself. I wanted EARN my right to be in the weight room with the boys. I didn’t want to just be taking up space, I wanted to PROVE to them (the boys) that I can be there too and lift just as much as they could. [insert song: anything you can do, I can do better…nah nah nah.] That moment was almost 10 years ago. Since that point I have made strides in my progress in the gym and outside the gym. I graduated the University of Akron with a degree in Sport Studies with a Strength and Conditioning concentration and a Minor in DANCE! Yay! I was fortunate to intern with Eric Cressey, Tony Genticore, and Greg Robins at Cressey Sports Performance Fall of 2013. Since then I have continued my learning, and growth in this industry as a Personal Trainer, now business Owner/Strength Coach for Delta Performance and a competitive Powerlifter. Strength to me is ever growing and ever learning. You can never be strong enough, physically, mentally or emotionally. Life will suck, but it was what you do with it that makes you powerful. I will always continue to learn and pass on my knowledge to others because I want to inspire others to be badass and kickass in and out of the gym. I know how much it meant to me to have the right mentors in this field and life. Now, it’s my turn to pay it forward. Everyone deserves to know what their body is capable of, to grow and fight for it. I want to not only help you achieve it but to give you as much knowledge as I can, so you too, can continue to grow, learn, and inspire others to be better than they every thought was possible. ​ Take your first step towards your goals, you deserve it! ​ Contact me on any platform or email me below! ​ CHOOSE HOW I CAN HELP YOU? Online Coaching I don't know what I want, I just know I need help Personal Training

  • | Nikki Jarrett

    Let's get together Sign up to TODAY for your FREE Assessment ($100 value) Limited time offer! Thanks for submitting! Submit Join My Community Regardless of if you’re new to the world of fitness or a seasoned athlete, there’s always something interesting to learn. Stay up to date with my latest fitness news, tips and trends. Subscribe to my blog, or follow me on the select social media platforms below! ONLINE and IN-PERSON training options!

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