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[REAL TALK] Installment #4 : I'm Driving the Struggle Bus!

I wanted share with you that trainers - me - struggle too. I wanted you to know that you're not alone in this struggle of life. I posted on Facebook and IG about this but here is where I feel I can go into more depth of my struggle.

I’ve been pretty quiet on social media lately, mainly because I have felt like there is nothing for me to share or say that would be of any importance. But also because life can be hard and if I told you that trainers never struggle with their own nutrition, training, and over health, then I would be lying to you. And oh boy! Have I been struggling!

We are human and just like you, we can find ourself on the struggle bus. Sometimes we are even driving that sucker! Voom Voom! I have been trying to practice grace and patience with myself and that shit is hard! And it’s takes a lot out of me too. Everyday seems to be something new to battle. I’m sure most can relate especially this year! #2020sucks

The deeper side of the struggle...

It's not just about 2020 and how crazy it has been for the world. To tell you the truth during the shut down I was thriving! I was able to refocus on my goals and think about that it is I truly wanted, which is when I started all of THIS ( NJ wouldn't be here if the pandemic never happened).

Later last year I had the 'rug pulled out from underneath me,' and ever since I've been trying to figure out my next move. It's been about 9 months of uncertainty with no end in sight, and it's been talking a toll on me, my marriage and so many other things. I am finally at my breaking point, if I don't starting taking back control, I will find myself with another episode of an eating disorder, and if you have ever experience it you will understand it's not a road you ever want to revisit again, or twice.

Now, I'm not sharing this to gain pity or sympathy, but to show you that trainers can struggle too. And you're not alone either. The whole point of me opening up to you and basically whoever reads my blog is to keep it real with you. My slogan is "REAL fitness for REAL people" because who wants some fitness Inspo (is that even right?) telling you if you drink this tea, and do this workout you can look like me? and she's like 17, with abs and has never gone through life or a guy with big biceps doing the same thing but knows nothing about having a full time job, kids, and a partner etc.

I want to help you because I know how much I wished for someone to help me that was real and wasn't telling to eat 'X' meal plan and do 'X' workout and somehow it will = Victoria Secret Model Body.

Life is not going to magical create the perfect scenario for you to start your workout plan or even your diet. You have to create it by doing what you can, showing up and doing the work. And sometimes the work is laying on the couch in your PJs from the time you wake up to when its time to finally crawl back in bed. But, it's also about getting the help you need and surrounding yourself with people that will help you move forward to the place you want to be. Every day isn't going to be easy and those hard days will suck, but I know you'll get through them. I don't know if I'm saying this for you or me right now, but I also know its true.

This too shall pass.

I keep telling myself this everyday to the next day. I have been working on ways to keep me going and even though I have mentioned a few things in my Facebook post I wanted to share with just you an extended list: But I am determined to get through this struggle with a little help from my friends, husband and family. A few things that I have found that helps me are:

  • Getting out in nature - whether it be kayaking, hiking or laying in the sun, having that time outside put me as ease

  • Quality sleep - this is so important for so many reasons but if I don’t have enough sleep I have grumpy and my nutrition choice will suffer

  • Working out - although this has been a tough one for me lately and I’m actively trying to work on it

  • Taking breaks from social media - the world seems crazy right now but the irl people are a lot more friendly and seem a lot less crazy.

  • Binging on Netflix - I have watch Unwell, Glow Up, Athlete A, and so many more (please share some of your favorites!)

  • Snuggling with my pups - they are the best snugglers

  • Blasting music in my car - seriously it help get me out of my own head space

  • Having ice cream - it just makes everything better

  • Cleaning - having a clan space help decrease anxiety

  • Hanging around awesome people - find a few people that are great to be with and leave you feeling better and not worst

  • Talking with my Doc - I'll be taking medication to help because sometime you need a little help

If you are struggling - YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Share with me your struggles or how you cope with your struggles, and maybe you can help me too. Email me at I look forward to hearing from you!


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