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[Real Talk]: Installment #2 : Empowering Women

Real Talk.

This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves as I have gotten older. So, here it goes... . LADIES (and even guys) LISTEN UP! . Why is it, when a girlfriend gets engaged or announces a pregnancy (which are all great news and should be celebrated) her friends rally around her enthusiastically celebrating these life events, getting together, holding celebrations and all that...

BUUUUTTTTTT . When that same girlfriend announces a job promotion, or opens her own business, or lands a tough position at her dream job, there isn’t the same support or excitement??

Seriously? Why? Please help me understand this. . It’s almost as if sending a simple ‘congrats’ is enough of acknowledgement but it’s not. If you truly support your friends doing big things, reach out and celebrate it with them!! Trust me they need it, it’s scary to start something new or level up at a job. But knowing they have a friend or two, who believes in them and supports them, goes a long way in those times of doubt. And those times of doubt happen ALL THE TIME!

In my experience, posting on Facebook or any social media platform about my wedding day got more likes, comments, engagement, than me posting that I open my own business, not just once but twice now. And I will admit, it's scarier doing the latter.

I have so many days of self doubt, suffering from imposter syndrome, or just struggling with being a female entrupenure. It's kind of lonely here and having a friend just to talk to would help or send some encouragement would be nice. Now this isn't me having a pity party for myself. I love what I do and taking this huge risk, is hopefully worth it. But what I am saying is that women need to come together and celebrate more than what society has given us. We are more than marriage, and babies. We can do GREAT things and have fulfilling lives without a man or S/O or babies, we can be powerful, independent, and conquer the world, but a little boost of encouragement can give us the boost we need when times seem tough. . So, girls, support each other, rally around each other, reach out to your friends doing big things, offer support by sharing their posts, talking to people about their business or simply go out and celebrate with them like you would if they just got engage. . Everyone has a different perspective of success and maybe marriage and babies isn’t all we should celebrate for women. .

Who will you celebrate today?


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