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Why Communicating with Your Coach is Important

Communication is vital for any relationship. Open communication between YOU the athlete and the coach is imperative to reaching your goals.

To give you the best program, environment and coaching, we need you to help us by communicating because coaches can’t read your mind. In order for you to receive the best coaching, you must communicate with us about what is going on with you and that means everything!

As a coach and I ask “how are you, today?” I mean it. ITs rare these days for others to mean it, but I actually want to know how the heck you are!Is your job stressing you out today? HAs your significant other been unsupportive? Are you excited about your up coming vacation? Whatever it is, please tell me or your coach. This information is vital for us toggle you the best.

We understand life brings stress and can bring havoc. With our knowledge and experience, we can offer you tools to help you navigate stressful or even positive situations that are challenging your goals, nutrition, and training.

We know you have goals, and your goals are our goals. We a want to build you the best plan based on your goals, but if you don’t communicate what those goals are or the challenges you're facing, then we don’t know how to best serve you as the guide to your goals.

Injuries and illness can happen at anytime. Depending on what you are experiencing, we are able to modify your program while still making progress towards your goals.


None of this can happen unless you COMMUNICATE with us! We need you to help us, help you. We are on your team, and we want you to succeed!

Keep your coach in the loop of the happenings in your life and you will truly see the benefits from it and reach your goals faster!


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