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The Secret To Fat-Loss and More!

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

This is not going to be easy, but your mindset can make all the difference for your results and keeping your results long-term!

By Nikki Jarrett

You need to go into your FAT loss journey with a mindset that accepts there will be challenges. Understand the process is not always easy and you will get frustrated. They key is staying consistent and remembering your goals during the “sucky” times will help you through the journey.

Every time you feel frustrated and think that you will never reach your goals, that is the moment you need to remember why you started. FAT loss is not easy and sometimes it will take more mental strength than you think, but if you keep going and pursue your goals, even in times of struggle, you will make it.

If you allow yourself to give up or allow yourself to “to take a break” and during that “break” you cheat on your plan and binge over and over, you are ultimately delaying your goals. Don’t be like Ross and Rachel! They were on a break, and look what happened.

Be patient with yourself. It will take time to reach your goals. You will find yourself in situations that are not ideal to follow your plan, but that’s ok. What you can do in those situations is stay hydrated, find what does fit in your plan, and focus your attention on something other than you thinking you are failing your plan. BUT DON’T over indulge or say “F&#% it” and binge the whole weekend to a month’s time. DO enjoy yourself, and get right back on your plan the next meal. You will begin to limit your binges, and become more consistent, which is the key to success!

In order for this to work you must find a plan that is SUSTAINABLE. Not, just something you can follow for a few weeks and then once you start to eat “normal” again you lose all of your hard earn results. Find a plan that 1) doesn’t cut out entire food groups (e.i. fats, carbs, etc.) 2) that allows you to have that piece of chocolate you absolutely need to stay sane as a mom but it won’t hinder your results 3) easy to follow and easy to cook or plan out and 4) your family/supporters can enjoy as well.

A nutrition plan should not be so restrictive that once you go off the plan you binge and find it hard to get back on track the next meal. It should build healthy eating habits along with a healthy relationship with food and includes the entire food pyramid. You ultimately should be able to eat like this for a long time because its based on the healthy habits and solid nutrition. By building a solid base of nutrition, consistently practicing healthy habits, and learning to enjoy the process, you are setting yourself up for LONG TERM SUSTAINABILITY AND LONG TERM SUCCESS!

Embrace the suck, keep going, and you will reach your goals!


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