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Why Small Group Personal Training?

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

“When we try to exercise alone we can feel isolated and uninspired; together we can achieve our fitness goals.”

By Nikki Jarrett

You may a person that loves group fitness or you may be a person that loves 1-on-1 personal training. Each method has their own pro’s and con’s. Here are just a few:

Pro’s of Personal Training:

  • You can count on a highly individualized exercise programming.

  • You develop a relationship with your trainer.

  • A personal trainer will make sure you’re pushing the limits.

Cons of Personal Training:

  • Personal trainers can be expensive.

  • Personal trainers may not have the flexible schedule you need.

  • A personal trainer may have different ideals than you.

Pros of Group Training

  • Small groups can push you to train harder.

  • Group training is affordable.

  • Small groups make it easier for those learning.

Cons of Group Training

  • You won’t get as much personal guidance.

  • You’ll have to hold yourself accountable.

  • You won’t get a personalized program based on your level or goals.

We know all too well the pro’s and con’s of each training method and we decided that the we needed to bring out the best in each method. This is how I decided to offer small group personal training. This is a space where you can literally have the BEST of both methods!

Training in a group, particularly a small group that has the same people regularly, can be beneficial for building relationships, having a buddy to keep you accountable and create a positive atmosphere with you are striving to be better and healthier like you . It can provide motivation, a sense of camaraderie, and even present an opportunity for you to socialize a little with others at your gym.

Other Benefits:

  • Accountability

  • Affordability

  • Individual Programming

  • Personal Guidance

  • Develop a relationships

  • Be a part of a family: Other athletes working hard around you will push you to work hard

With all these elements put into place and into practice, it’s hard not to succeed!

The only thing that is missing is YOU!


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