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Book Review: Ignite the Fire - The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career

Why I gave it a 3 out of 5 Star Review...

INGITE THE FIRE - The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career

Jonathan Goodman is the creator of the largest collaborative blog for personal trainers, the Personal Trainer Development Center (the PTDC) and the founder of the Online Trainer Academy.

He’s the author of 7 books Ignite the Fire, Viralnomics, and the seminal textbook on the online personal training. Jon has been featured in Men’s Health, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and many more. Originally from Toronto, Jon seeds his winters traveling the world with his wife and baby boy.

Now, I am not affiliate with Jon or his books/blog. This is just a personal review of the book because I feel it is helpful to know if a book is worth reading or not. I love to read and continue my education but I also don’t like to waste my time either. I value my time spent and I’m sure you do too!

This book will show you how to:

  • Find your dream personal training job

  • Sell any client

  • Build beginner workouts

  • Market yourself

  • Deal with difficult clients types

  • Make passive income

  • Grow yourself, your career, and your bank account

With a revised, expanded, and upgrades edition, Ignite the Fire is the practical approach to personal training already relied on by thousands of trainers worldwide. It provides a clear road map to building your career from the bottom up so you can build clientele, your reputation, and income.

Although, I did find it helpful and wish I read this sooner in my early days of becoming a personal trainer, there were some not so “secret” secrets.

What I did like about the book is how he interviewed people in the industry (e.i. Mike Boyle, Molly Galbraith, Kate Horney, Nick Tumminello, and more) to tell their story, and share their 3 tips to being a successful personal trainer. I find hearing stories of other in the biz have struggled and found their success through those struggles helps me to know I’m not alone and everyone struggles in this industry.

There is a lot of good insight for an up and coming trainer should do to build a career. I would highly recommend this book to a new trainer or someone who is thinking of becoming a trainer but doesn’t know how yet. Even though I have been a personal trainer for 6 years and in the fitness industry for 12 years, it was a refresher to what I had forgotten. I, also, found things in the book that I was already doing, like blocking my seclude and building a system for my clients. This was relieving to read it from Jon, as it confirms I am doing something right. We need to hear that some days because there are time you feel like you’re failing when actually you’re not.

What I did not like about the book was it didn’t tell me anything new but I chalk that up to the years I have been a personal trainer and I have been following him for a few years too on Instagram. If you have been in the game for awhile, his section of the 10 clients you will encounter was comical and spot on! I found myself actually LOLing reading this section thinking about my clients who are described and how I had handled those situations. If you’re a new personal trainer I will tell you, you WILL encounter every single one of those clients. If you’re a veteran in this game, you will enjoy this section and his nicknames for them too!

Overall, Ignite the Fire is a good book to have on hand to refer to when you’re struggling to reignite the fire (see what I did there? lol) but I will highly recommend it to up and coming personal trainers.

I give it a 3 out a 5 Star Review.

Here is where you can find the book:

Or Amazon:

Again, I am NOT affiliated with the selling of the book. This is my personal review to help you spend you time and money wisely.

Thank you for reading my review, please share your thoughts below. I would love to heard your feedback!


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