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Book Review: Conscious Coaching - The Art & Science of Building Buy-In - By Brett Bartholomew

Conscious Coaching - The Art & Science of Building Buy-In - By Brett Bartholomew

Another WOW! When I first learned of this book through another coach (I forget who I saw it from?? Either Tony Gentilcore or Zach Even-Esh...maybe, I don’t know now) I immediately dropped the book in my amazon cart. I then went on to follow Brett Bartholomew @coach_brettb on IG. If you don’t already follow him, go do it now, you will not be disappointed.

The Summary

“In the world of strength and conditioning, learning how to move others - not just physically, but also psychologically and emotionally - is paramount to getting the most out of them. People are the ultimate performance variable, and understanding how to effectively blend knowledge of proper training with the nuances of human behavior is integral to helping athletes achieve their ultimate goals…” - Brett Bartholomew

Brett showcases the principles and strategies needed to become a ‘Conscious Coach,’ starting with explaining the buy-in needed, building an authentic relationship, having social intelligence, and allowing time to grow that trust, and ultimate buy-in from your athletes/clients. 

Becoming your true-self and the tools to help you find yourself better are in this book too. He goes to explain why it’s important to have a good understanding of who you are and owning who you are, for the betterment of connecting with your athletes/clients. 

“If you truly want to affect people, you better know how to be in touch with yourself and every single one of your drives and vulnerabilities as a human.” 

This book is full of great information, insight, and tools needed to apply this knowledge or at the bare minimum gives you a foundation to begin to discover yourself to be a better coach.

Favorite Part

This book has highlighted sentences and paragraphs all over it! But one of the parts I appreciated the most was the explanations and stories of the different personalities you will run into as a coach. Even as a personal trainer I have run into some of these personalities, and if I haven't yet, I will. He takes and information about them is helpful. The stories of other coaches describing their experiences with certain personalities are entertaining and relatable too. I found myself laughing and nodding in agreement with them too!

Taking Action

As I stated before, this book is full of information and insight and it's a re-read for sure, but the next step for me is to take action on the knowledge gained in this book. As I can’t do it all at once, I have been focusing my time on discovering myself, how I would like to share my story, and owning who I am. The last few chapters in the book give an outline to how to take actions and showcase the mistakes that most coaches make and how to avoid them, which was helpful to me and my reflection as a coach. 

This book deserves 5 out 5 Stars for sure! 

I plan to re-read this book to get the most out of it, because as we grow we can find new meaning in things and see things differently depending on where we are in life. 

Never stop learning and continue to grow to become the best you can because your athletes and clients deserve it. You deserve to see your true potential too!

You can find the book on Amazon (surprisingly lol) Conscious-Coaching-Science-Building-Buy

And if you want to learn more about Brett you can check him out here.

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