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Becoming a Certified Pre & Post Natal Coach - GGS Style

Tip: Never stop learning and learn what will help you become better for your clients today...

This Certification was a long time coming. I have been following Molly - Founder of GGS - for about 8+ years now, and the last 4 years I have wanted to take the Pre and Post- Natal Course to better understand and provide a better training experience for all women. You can learn more about GGS and Molly here.

Why I wanted to Become a Certified Pre and Post - Natal Coach (CPPC)

It was important to me to take the opportunity to get certified to focus solely on the needs of women, through all seasons of a woman’s life. Being a woman, and recognizing the gap there is for us in the training world I wanted to help bridge that gap. We are constantly surrounded by diet culture, media and other sources tell us to be smaller, and defining for us what is beautiful. At GGS, this is the opposite. They empower women to make their own choices, choose how they want to represent, and show us how to be stronger, more confident women in this world, freeing us from the society trying to define us. I firmly believe we as women need to help empower each other. This certification helped me learn how I can be a better coach to women, and help them navigate through all the changes their body will go through during pregnancy and after. 

100% of women fall into one of the two categories: Pre or Post - Natal - which is why it is an useful and important certification to obtain. And because I love what GGS stands for it was an easy decision to take their course. 

About the Course

I love how this course was self paced, online, and offered not just the book, workbook, and exams, but RESOURCES too! They did a great job connecting resources to the lesson and has already helped me give better advice to the Mamas I have worked with. I have also been able to refer my new mamas to the resources to help them make the best informed decisions for themselves, which is important to give your new mamas. 

Another great aspect to the course was the thorough videos explaining technique, and coaching cues for common exercises we use but how it can be coached better for different stages in pregnancy. One of my favorites was the ‘Connection Breath.’ Now, I understand the impotence of breath, and the impact it has on the body through PRI breathing drills I have implemented into my training system but the ‘Connection Breath offered something different; the element of connecting the pelvic floor to the diaphramic breathing. This can be a simple but significant change in a woman, as it has the potential to help strengthen the pelvic floor, decrease incontinence, and aid in recovering after giving birth. I have already implemented this in my training system with positive results!

If you are a trainer, coach, or whatever and you work with women, I HIGHLY recommend this course!

Overall Experience

From the time I hit the ‘Submit’ button to receive more information about the Certification, to relieving the goods, to just this week receiving the official Certification, the experience with the GGS team and communicating through the time with Molly’s sister, it was a smooth, friendly and great experience! Even though I finished the course in December 2019, they were in contact with about the details of what name i wanted on the certification (which is surprisingly important as when I started the course I was not yet a Jarrett, but I was able to receive with my new name), and when I would receive the package in the mail too. I appreciated a company willingness to help out and stay in communication with their students/clients especially being an online course. 

The packaging was super cute too! Who doesn't like to see a cute box with a postcard welcoming you by name to the GGS community! In the package I received my supplies needed for the course: textbook, workbook, access to the online courses, and sticks and a cute postcard welcoming me. Plus, access to the Facebook Group to help with questions I could have or anything else I would need like support. From emails, to the facebook group, everyone was very responsive and helpful. I even found out about a new podcast which has been a great source too!


I’m very happy I took this opportunity and have gained a better understanding of women and their needs. Even though I am a woman, and it's assumed I should know and understand “this stuff” but we are all so different when it comes to our needs, and wants. Being able to have body autonomy is vital for women, I want to be able to give that to my clients and guide them through their journey from Pre - Natal to Post - Natal and everything in between. 

If you are a new mom, soon to be mom, a mom of a mom, mom of angels, or a fur baby mom (thats me!), feel free to connect with me. I would love to hear about your mom experiences!


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